Über Prime Trading

Prime Trading is listed as a direct vendor of industrial products to many industrial consumers in various parts of the world and provides sourcing, purchasing, procurement, warehousing, insurance, transport and financing services mainly to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. With more than 50 years experiences in 3rd Generation we have a long history in supply of materials to industrial consumers. Acting as a direct vendor of raw materials, components and parts to the industrial end user without any intermediary our commercial counterparts are both producers and industrial consumers. We supply materials from the original source of manufacture directly to the industrial consumer. With Europe’s 3rd largest sea port, Prime Trading is located in the beautiful city and heart of Hamburg, in the northern part of Germany.

Unser Team

Fabian LamadeVerkaufsabteilungfl@primetrading.de

Marc JensenVerkaufsabteilungmj@primetrading.de

Nataliya Bozkova-HetzelAngebotserstellungnbh@primetrading.de

Tatjana EulenbergAngebotserstellungte@primetrading.de

Anja LamadeVersandabteilungal@primetrading.de

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